Maintenance method of automobile inspection tools

2018-08-03 Industry News

1、Keep the vehicle inspection equipment dry: keep the storage temperature between -10c and 60c.The humidity must be below 60%;The particles must not exceed 2%;

2、Basic maintenance of vehicle inspection tools:Ensure the external cleaning of the simulative blocks of the inspection tools,and keep some pin, test pin, bottom plate and other positions clean.Place the movable parts that need to be removed in the corresponding position;

3、The maintenance time could be divided into six months or once a year;

4、Check the pin hole weather wear and tear. Replace it immediately if there is any problem;

5、To check whether the precision slide is loose, add lubricating oil;

6、Check whether the datum is worned or rusted, if any, replace or polish it in time;

7、Timely check marking and coating weather wear and tear.

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